Evening Rollcall

A Roll Call is an event that happens between twice and three times each day in The Escapists.


During a roll call, all the prisoners go to a meeting area, and face the Guards. It is during this time that cell searches are announced.

What to do when a roll call startsEdit

When there is a roll call, you need to go to the meeting point before the timer ends. If you don't appear to the roll call, a 90 seconds long timer will start counting down. If you don't show up in time, the guards will call for backup and you will be thrown into solitary. When guards see you outside the roll call area during a roll call, you will gain heat.

On the other hand, roll call can be a good time to buy stuff off other inmates, because all the inmates in the prison will be in the same general area.

If roll call begins while you are executing your escape plan, you need to get out fast.