Roll of Duct Tape

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Roll of Duct Tape
ItemID: Unspecified
Will be confiscated

Can be bought from inmates, found in their inventory after beating them up, or in their desks.

If you have an abundance of Duct Tape, you can use it to "Tie Up" guards or inmates to keep them busy, the same way you can with rope. This is a way to escape the prison, knocking out every guard in the prison and tying them up, will cause the front gate to be unlocked, letting you run free.

Used in: Knuckle Duster, Padded Inmate Outfit, Glass Shank, Contraband Pouch, Flimsy Shovel, Lightweight Shovel, Sturdy Shovel, Flimsy Pickaxe, Lightweight Pickaxe, Sturdy Pickaxe, Flimsy Cutters, Lightweight Cutters, Sturdy Cutters and Grapple Head.