The Escapists Wiki

Rountines are different areas that must be attended to at their respective time of day, with daily routine differing between prisons. The routines include Roll Call, Lights Out, Meals, Gym/Exercise Time, Job Time, Free Time, Lockdown, and Shower Time. If you are late to a routine (typically around 20-30 ingame minutes late, possibly later for long routines) you will gain heat each time a guard sees you.

If you miss a routine entirely, you gain a large amount of heat and in The Escapists 2, the Security Level will rise by half a star.

Missing Roll Call will set off a Lockdown and you will be sent to Solitary.

If you are seen outside your cell after the allotted time for returning home for lights out, you will also set off a lockdown/get sent to solitary, as well as if your cell is seen empty after the allotted time. Counter these using a Guard Outfit and Bed Dummy.