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The Salmon is a unique item to the prison H.M.P Offshore in The Escapists 2.


The Salmon can only be obtained by 'fishing'. This is done at the southern side of the prison on floor 2, where a small jetty extends southward and Snooty the Dolphin is waiting. You will need a Plastic Red Key to enter the stairwells which lead you down to this floor. Interact with the small gate to the right of the jetty while holding a Readied Fishing Rod. This will begin a short animation; after a few seconds you will receive the Salmon.


The Salmon is a necessary part of the "Swimming With Dolphins" escape method. Once you have acquired the Salmon, interact with Snooty. Snooty possesses a unique 'profile' similar to a guard or inmate. Just like with other characters, items can be 'gifted' to the dolphin. Give Snooty the Salmon to proceed with the escape plan.

For more information on how to escape using this method, see H.M.P Offshore#Swimming With Dolphins.