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Shop menu in the escapists 2.

Shopping is a mechanic used to purchase items.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Periodically, inmates will yield a cash sack (in the Escapists 2, this will be a coin) symbol above their heads. This indicates that they are ready to do business. Press [interact] near these vendors to open up the shopping menu. Buying items requires coins, the game's currency. Additionally, inmates need to have an opinion greater than 49, otherwise purchases will fail. Once you buy an item, that item is yours and it will no longer be on sale. If you buy every item on sale, the shop will no longer exist.

Keep in mind that shops will open for a limited amount of time. Once shops close, items on sale will disappear.

Shops generally sell useful Contraband, such as Crowbars, Rolls of Duct Tape, Tool Handles and other materials, but in The Escapists 2, they can also sell other items such as prison-exclusive gift items.

In Versus Mode of TE2, shops offer different items and do not cost anything.