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Sleigh Chipset
The Escapists 2 Item
Sleigh Chipset.png
Will be confiscated

The Sleigh Chipset is an item required to escape Snow Way Out in The Escapists 2, via the "Batteries not included" method.


It is crafted as following:

Result Components Int
Sleigh Chipset.png Sleigh Chipset Circuit Board te2.png Circuit Board + Tube of Glue te2.png Glue + AI Module.png AI Module 70+

To acquire the AI Module, you need a Fake Red Keycard. On the second floor of the eastern cell block, there is a room which requires said Keycard to access. Alternatively, you could chip through the wall and use a Poster or Fake Wall Block to cover the hole. Once in the room, you will need one of the following: a Screwdriver and 2 Files; or Sturdy Cutters. You need to use either your Screwdriver or Sturdy Cutters to enter the vent, cut through the fence inside, and exit on the other side of the electric fence. In the desk on the other side of the fence, you will find the AI Module.