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For the item in The Escapists: The Walking Dead, see Bar of Soap.

Don't drop the soap!
ItemID: 48
Won't be confiscated
The Escapists 2 Item
Soap Escapists 2.png
Won't be confiscated


Soap is an item that is always found in inmate's desks along with a comb, toilet paper, and toothpaste [The Escapists only]. Soap can also be found in an inmate's inventory if knocked unconscious and looted. It is used to craft the Sock Mace and Makeshift Cosh.


Below you will find the crafting recipes associated with this item.

Result As a component Intelligence
Sock Mace.png Sock Mace Soap.png Soap x1 + Sock.png Sock x1 30

The Escapists 2:

Result As a component Intelligence
Makeshift Cosh te2.png Makeshift Cosh Pillow Case te2.png Pillow Case x1 + Soap Escapists 2.png Soap x1 40+
Sock Mace te2.png Sock Mace Sock te2.png Sock x1 + Soap Escapists 2.png Soap x1 40+
Gun Making Kit.png Gun Making Kit Wax.png Wax + Soap Escapists 2.png Soap 70+


Dropping a bar of Soap while in the showering area will give the Player the achievement "Butter Fingers". (TE1 only. Doesn't count for consoles.)