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Soil is one of the items that appears in The Escapists 2, The Escapists The Walking Dead, and the PS4/Xbox One version of the first Escapists game.


Soil can be used to cover holes after digging, this prevents guards from finding the holes you have dug. However, the holes will not be completely filled in, instead using soil on a tile will 'repair' the tile by a certain amount of durability. This means that soil can also be used on damaged, but not entirely destroyed tiles. Note: You will have to re-dig the spot after using soil to cover it up.


Soil can be obtained by digging. Each tile that you dig will give you one Soil, meaning that a player with their inventory full cannot completely dig any more tiles.


The Soil is used in the following recipe:

Result Components Int
Potted Plant.png Potted Plant Mug te2.png Mug + Soil.png Soil + Seeds.png Seeds 30+


It is important that you do not act carelessly with Soil. While there are many ways to destroy it, you must be sure to get rid of it promptly. If a guard finds soil dropped on the floor and reports it to the control room, the Security Level will increase substantially. Also, soil cannot be dropped in Tunnels. The same goes for Vent Covers or Wall Blocks on the floor, as they are essentially evidence of prison damage. To destroy Soil, flush it down a toilet, or place it in another container, such as a Desk (but not an inmate or guard desk, only desks that guards won't search), or knocked-out inmate's inventory. If given as a gift to an inmate, their opinion will decrease by 50. Soil cannot be given to guards: attempting to do so will result in your character saying "That would be foolish of me!"

See Dirt for additional information; Dirt is the equivalent in the first The Escapists.