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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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[[File:The Escapists 2 Logo.png|right|200px]]
'''[[The Escapists 2]]''' had totally remade the combat, as now there is blocking and better fighting. The player can block by using Right Click (Default) and it makes you take no damage, however, you are slow and every time you are hit while blocking it takes fatigue and thus you can't block forever. You can attack by Left Clicking (Default) and you will attack only once and your active weapon will hurt others. Holding Left Click will charge your attack and deal extra damage by moving you forward from the attack and you can stop moving by letting go of Left Click. With the right stratagey, you canblock and attack and not get hurt while damaging others!
'''[[The Escapists 2]]''' has a completely revamped combat system. With an advanced blocking system, more ways to attack your enemies, and more weapons to choose from. The combat system allows you to move and attack, which works in fights almost all the time if you time it right.
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