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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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Added An Entirely New Section About Strategies For People who have trouble With Un-Armed fights.
[[File:The Escapists 2 Logo.png|right|200px]]
'''[[The Escapists 2]]''' had totally remade the combat, as now there is blocking and better fighting. The player can block by using Right Click (Default) and it makes you take no damage, however, you are slow and every time you are hit while blocking it takes fatigue and thus you can't block forever. You can attack by Left Clicking (Default) and you will attack only once and your active weapon will hurt others. Holding Left Click will charge your attack and deal extra damage by moving you forward from the attack and you can stop moving by letting go of Left Click. This means that it no longer matters if you have a higher [[Stats#STR .28Strength.29|strength]] and/or [[Stats#SPD .28Speed.29|speed]] (Now called fitness) to beat an enemy. With the right strategy, you can block and attack and not get hurt while damaging others!
== Strategies ==
Note: this section is added to help you if you don't have one, but if you Decide to Add a Strategy, than You sure may. Anyone can edit. Please feel free to add your strategy here.
=== Strategy Name Giving, Difficulty Deciding, and Effectiveness (how good it works on certain targets). ===
You Should give your strategy a name AND A difficulty. But what's The hard Part? Most likely the difficulty. If it's the Name, than just think of your strategy , Retrace each step, Put it into action, See how that looks And then give your Strategy A name That Reminds You of what you've seen. now The difficulties.
==== Easy: ====
* has up to 4
* Easy to pull off
* You have Legible grammar
==== Medium: ====
* Has 5-8 steps
* Not To hard to pull off
* May Not Be The most Legible
==== Hard: ====
* Has 9-15 steps
* Pretty hard to pull off
* May be Pretty Illegible
==== Insane: ====
* Has 16+ steps
* Almost impossible
* Might have glitches That May be why it is hard
* May be Freakishly Illegible
now we will talk about Effectiveness. there are 2 Effectiveness, One is Just one victim, Group is tightly packrd clusters.
=== Strategy 1: Hit and Run 1 ===
note: this strategy is Categorized As:Medium to Master, And very Effective on ONE target, IF speedily used step by Step. As once used to k-o a [[Guards|Riot Guard!]]
# Target your Victim (this step is very Important).
# Charge attack him/her.
# Run away after hitting target.
# Charge attack while running (still target them, you should auto chase them while charging)
# Dash Away again
# Repeat 4. and 5. until Victim is out-cold
Congratulations! You have successfully wasted time fighting someone.
=== Strategy 2: Hit and Run 2 ===
note: this strategy is Categorized As:Easy to Master, and is Effective Twords groups
1.Run around and in and light attack enmies until they are out-cold
Congratulations! You have successfully wasted time fighting someone.
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