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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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You should give your strategy a name AND a difficulty. But what's the hard part? Most likely the difficulty. If it's the name, then just think of your strategy, retrace each step, put it into action, see how that looks and then give your strategy a name that reminds you of what you've seen. Now, the difficulties:
==== Easy: ====
* Has up to 4 steps
* Easy to pull off
* You have legible grammar
==== Medium: ====
* Has 5-8 steps
* Not too hard to pull off
* May not be the most legible
==== Hard: ====
* Has 9-15 steps
* Pretty hard to pull off
* May be pretty illegible
==== Insane: ====
* Has 16+ steps
* Almost impossible
* Might have glitches that make it hard.
* May be freakishly illegible
Now we will talk about Effectiveness. There are 2 Effectiveness titles, one is Just One Victim, Group is tightly packed clusters.
=== Strategy 1: Hit and Run 1 ===
This strategy is categorized as:

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