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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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[[File:The Escapists 2 Logo.png|right|200px]]
'''[[The Escapists 2]]''' had totally remade the combat, as now there is blocking and better fighting. The player can block by using Right Click (Default for Desktop) and it makes you take no damage, however, you aremove slowmuch andslower. everyEvery time you are hit while blocking, it takes fatiguea considerable amount of [[Stats#Fatigue.2FStamina|Stamina]] and thus you can't block forever. You can attack by Left Clicking (Default for Desktop) and you will attack only once and your active weapon will hurt others in its range (longer range weapons can hit farther and potentially hit more targets). Holding Left Click will charge your attack and deal extra damage. byYou movingcan youstop forwarda fromcharge by releasing the attack andcontrol, this will perform a respectively-charged attack. If you canhold stopfor long enough, your character will 'sprint' forward a distance, moving byat lettinghigh gospeed, ofand Leftperform Clicka full-charge attack automatically after the sprint. This means that it no longer matters if you have a higher [[Stats#STR .28Strength.29|strength]] and/or [[Stats#SPD .28Speed.29|speedfitness]] (Now called fitness) <nowiki/>to beat an enemy. With the right strategy, you can block and attack and not get hurt while damaging others! Also, you can use the middle mouse button (Desktop default control) to target the people you want to attack, making it easier to fight!. Targeting can be toggled and switched between nearby targets. Targeting someone makes your character face that person constantly and hold their arms/weapon in a combat pose, allowing you to direct attacks toward the target even when moving in other directions. (Sprinting from a charged strike always moves you in the direction you are ''facing''.) If you move too far from a targeted person, you unlock and return to normal position.
== Strategies ==


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