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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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I changed the name of strategy 4 to make it more specific. I also made strategy 5; a piggyback way to win battles.
Congratulations! You wasted time (but for good) fighting someone.
=== Strategy 4: Job for othersguards: ===
* Easy to normal
Congratulations! You didn't use much energy.
=== Strategy 5: Prey on the vulnerable [pls verify] ===
* Medium
* One inmate or guard only
* The hardest part is to find a fight with the right circumstances to make this strategy work
# Find a preexisting fight with two people
# Wait until one person is dead
# Follow the other person into an area without any other people (recommended)
# Target the person
# Charge attack the person and they will be unconscious without having a chance to react.
Congratulations! You wasted (a lot of) time watching chaos unfold numerous times without lending a hand.
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