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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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Congratulations! You wasted (a lot of) time watching chaos unfold numerous times without lending a hand.
=== Strategy 6: Misdirection ===
<br />
* Medium to Master
* Can range from one inmate or guard to a pack of inmate/guards
* Insanely effective for key checking
* Strategy can go on indefinitely
# Find a weapon with Long Range (Broom handle is recommended, easy to find and not contraband.)
# Find the person you want to humiliate (If key checking, do not press P on a guard, you're trying to hit as many as possible.)
# Hit the person to allow him to aggro on you (Prisoners have a chance to not aggro, guards are guaranteed.)
# Find a hallway or space where you can kite him effectively (Movement speed is faster than theirs)
# Make the gap between you and him a comfortable distance. (While running, hold the key in the other direction to stop, let go if at a comfortable distance.)
# While running away, left-click for a small attack. As the small attack's animation is playing, turn back so the attack's animation will land on your target, damaging him.
# The moment your attack lands on him, start running away again to prevent him from damaging you.
# Rinse and repeat!
# (If there are guards down the hallway, run to them and block their first attack. After it lands, immediately run away and he will be chasing you, allowing your strategy to unfold in front of his eyes.)
Congratulations! You have a strategy that breaks the AI of your target while wasting little to zero energy.<br />


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