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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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→‎Strategy 5:: Changed the names of the strategies so they sound better.
Now we will talk about Effectiveness. There are 2 Effectiveness titles, one is Just One Victim, Group is tightly packed clusters.
=== Strategy 1: HitCharge and Run 1 ===
This strategy is categorized as:
Congratulations! You have successfully wasted time fighting someone.
=== Strategy 2: Hit and Run 2 ===
* Easy to Master
Congratulations! You wasted time (but for good) fighting someone.
=== Strategy 4: JobFeigned for guardsInnocence: ===
* Easy to normal
Congratulations! You didn't use much energy.
=== Strategy 5: PreySilent on the vulnerable [pls verify]Striker: ===
* Medium to Master
Congratulations! You wasted (a lot of) time watching chaos unfold numerous times without lending a hand.
=== Strategy 6: Misdirection: ===
* Medium to Master


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