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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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# (If there are guards down the hallway, run to them and block their first attack. After it lands, immediately run away and he will be chasing you, allowing your strategy to unfold in front of his eyes.)
Congratulations! You have a strategy that breaks the AI of your target while wasting little to zero energy.<br />
=== Strategy 7: Raining Bullets: ===
* Easy to Master
* Every single inmate is a target
* Effective when pulled off correctly.
* Requires almost no risk. It is recommended to have an [[Infirmary Outfit]] or a [[Guard Outfit]].
* Relies on a glitch, and will not work 100% of the time.
# Before Lights Out, attend Roll Call and go inside your cell.
# When the RETURN TO CELL bar appears, wait for a few seconds, then go to sleep. (Or just sleep right away.)
# If luck is on your side, then when you wake up, all the inmates should be paralyzed. They will be out of their bed, standing idly in their cell, confused at what to do.
# Attend the morning Roll Call. Since the inmates are standing numbly, they won't be able to attend Roll Call, thus, increasing their heat to 100%.
# When the bell rings for the next period, the inmates will spring back to life and rush to their next schedule area. Only, guards will not be too lenient on them. Guards will beat them up with their batons. Guard dogs will arrive, biting them. Tower Guards will make bullets rain all over the prisoners. Not long later, the inmates will be knocked out.
# You can start looting the piles of bodies, however, beware of prying guard eyes and dog noses. Wear an [[Infirmary Outfit]] or a [[Guard Outfit]] to loot freely in sight of guards. If you can, try to establish good relationships with guard dogs so they let you loot [[contraband]].
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