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Combat System (The Escapists 2)

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'''[[The Escapists 2]]''' totally reworked the mechanics of combat, introducing features like blocking, charging attacks and other changes for better fighting. The player can block by using Right Click (Default for Desktop) and it makes you take no damage, however, you move much slower. Every time you are hit while blocking, it takes a considerable amount of [[Stats#Fatigue.2FStamina|Stamina]] and thus you can't block forever. You can attack by Left Clicking (Default for Desktop) and you will attack only once and your active weapon will hurt others in its range (longer range weapons can hit farther and potentially hit more targets). Holding Left Click will charge your attack and deal extra damage. You can stop a charge by releasing the attack control, this will perform a respectively-charged attack. If you hold for long enough, your character will 'sprint' forward a distance, moving at high speed, and perform a full-charge attack automatically after the sprint. This means that it no longer matters if you have a higher [[Stats#STR .28Strength.29|strength]] and/or [[Stats#SPD .28Speed.29|fitness]] to beat an enemy. With the right strategy, you can block and attack and not get hurt while damaging others! Also, you can use the middle mouse button (Desktop default control) to target the people you want to attack, making it easier to fight. Targeting can be toggled and switched between nearby targets. Targeting someone makes your character face that person constantly and hold their arms/weapon in a combat pose, allowing you to direct attacks toward the target even when moving in other directions. (Sprinting from a charged strike always moves you in the direction you are ''facing''.) If you move too far from a targeted person, you unlock and return to normal position.
== Strategies ==
This section contains specific strategies for combat. Anyone can add them.
Note: this section is added to help you if you don't have one, but if you Decide to Add a Strategy, than You sure may. Anyone can edit. Please feel free to add your strategy here.
Be sure to give your strategy a name and difficulty based on the following criteria:
=== Strategy Name Giving, Difficulty Deciding, and Effectiveness (how good it works on certain targets). ===
You should give your strategy a name AND a difficulty. But what's the hard part? Most likely the difficulty. If it's the name, then just think of your strategy, retrace each step, put it into action, see how that looks and then give your strategy a name that reminds you of what you've seen. Now, the difficulties:
==== Easy: ====
* Has up to 4 steps
* Easy to pull off
* Understandable explanation
* You have legible grammar
==== Medium: ====
* Has 5-8 steps
* Not too hard to pull off
* May not be theeasy mostto legibleunderstand
==== Hard: ====
* Has 9-15 steps
* Pretty hard to pull off
* Hard to understand
* May be pretty illegible
==== Insane: ====
* Has 16+ steps
* Almost impossible
* Might have/rely on glitches that make it hard.
* Nearly impossible to understandably explain
* May be freakishly illegible
NowThere weis willalso talk aboutan "Effectiveness." Therenote arethat 2shows Effectivenesswhether titles,the onestrategy is Justoptimal Oneagainst Victim, Group issingle tightlyor packedgrouped clusterstargets.
=== Strategy 1: Charge and Run ===
* Medium to Master
* Very Effective on ONEone target, IFif speedily used step by Step. ICan oncebe used it to k-otake down a [[Riot Guard]], with eitherlow-tier a [[broom]] or a [[mop]]!weaponry.
# Target your Victim (this step is very Importantimportant).
# Charge attack him/her.
# Run away after hitting target.
# Repeat 4. and 5. until Victim is out-cold
This strategy can take some time.
Congratulations! You have successfully wasted time fighting someone.
=== Strategy 2: Hit and Run ===
* Easy to Master
* Effective Towardsagainst groups
# Run around and ininto a group and light attack enemies until they are out-cold
Also takes time.
Congratulations! You have successfully wasted time fighting someone.
=== Strategy 3: Hit n' Block: ===
* Medium to master
* This works only with one player/enemies target
# Hit the enemies and block and keep on blocking until the enemies charge attack and, then before they complete hitan attack, attack them and block again.
# Block every attack and hit immediately after each impact.
# Hit the enemies after they attack and keep on repeating until knocked out and make sure that guards don't notice!
This strategy is limited in Stamina usage, as blocking consumes large amounts of it.
Congratulations! You wasted time (but for good) fighting someone.
=== Strategy 4: Feigned Innocence: ===
* Easy to normal
* Inmate only
* NOTShould goodnot be used for favors since you need to personally knock inmates out to get credit
* Doesn't reduce much opinion
# Run around the guard so the inmate can get hit by the guard
Congratulations!Good Youfor didn't use muchconserving energy.
=== Strategy 5: Silent StrikerStrike: ===
* Medium to Master
* One inmate or guard only
* The hardest part is to find a fight with the right circumstances to make this strategy work. IIt recommendis seizingrecommended to seize the opportunity for this strategy whenwhenever it appears.
*DONDon'Tt waste time searching for fights in the prison complex.
# Find a preexisting fight with two people
# Charge attack the person and they will be unconscious without having a chance to react.
Takes time, but can be effective for conserving stats as the target is already injured.
Congratulations! You wasted (a lot of) time watching chaos unfold numerous times without lending a hand.
=== Strategy 6: Misdirection: ===
* Strategy can go on indefinitely
# Find a weapon with Long Range (Broom, mop or broom handle is recommended, easy to find and not contraband.)
# Find the person you want to humiliateattack (If key checking, do not pressinteract Pwith onany a guardguards, you're trying to hit as many as possible.)
# Hit the person to allow him to aggro on you (PrisonersInmates have a chance to not aggro, guards are guaranteed.)
# Find a hallway or space where you can kite him effectively (Movement speed is faster than theirs)
# MakePut the gapdistance between you and himthe a comfortable distancetarget. (While running, hold the key in the other direction to stop, let go if at a comfortable distance.)
# While running away, left-click forperform a small attack. AsTurn theimmediately smalltoward attack'sthe animationtarget isto playingstrike. Alternatively, turnyou backcould souse thetargeting attack'sto animation will landlock on yourto targetthe enemy, damagingdirecting all attacks toward himthem.
# The moment your attack lands on him, start running away again to prevent him from damaging you.
# Rinse and repeat!
# (If there are guards down the hallway, run to them and block their first attack. After it lands, immediately run away and he will be chasing you, allowing your strategy to unfold in front of his eyes.)
This is a conservative strategy that prevents enemies from hitting you effectively.
Congratulations! You have a strategy that breaks the AI of your target while wasting little to zero energy.
=== Strategy 7: Raining Bullets: ===
* Easy to Master
* Targets inmates.
* Every single inmate is a target
* Effective when pulled off correctly. However you need to have good dog relations to loot [[Contraband]].
* Requires almost no risk. It is recommended to have an [[Infirmary Outfit]] or a [[Guard Outfit]].
# Before Lights Out, attend Roll Call and go inside your cell.
# When the RETURN TO CELL bar appears, wait for a few seconds, then go to sleep. (Or just sleep right away.)
# If luck is on your side, then when you wake up, all the inmates should be paralyzed. They will be out of their bed, standing idly in their cell, confused at what to do.
# Attend the morning Roll Call. Since the inmates are standing numbly, they won't be able to attend Roll Call, thus, increasing their heat to 100%.
# When the bell rings for the next period, the inmates will spring back to life and rush to their next scheduleroutine area. OnlyHowever, guardstheir will not beheat toois lenientextremely on themhigh. Guards will beat them up with their batons. Guard dogs will arrive, biting them. Tower Guards will make bullets rain all over the prisoners. Not long later, the inmates will be knocked out. (Only a player can set off [[Lockdown]] by missing roll call.)
# You can start looting the piles of bodies, however, beware of prying guard eyes and dog noses. Wear an [[Infirmary Outfit]] or a [[Guard Outfit]] to loot freely in sight of guards. If you can, try to establish good relationships with guard dogs so they let you loot [[contraband]], this can be done if you have the Kennels [[Jobs|job]].
As it is glitch-based, it may not work, but can be used to quickly loot many people.
Congratulations! You have caused an apocalypse.
=== Strategy 8: Spawn Camp: ===
# Charge attack them, then continue fighting until you are out cold. Try to lure them closer to the [[Infirmary]] while you do this.
# Wait for the medic to come get you, then rest in bed to collect some [[Stats#stamina|stamina]]. You can also drink an [[Adrenaline Shot]]. Make sure the victim is still nearby.
# Rinse and repeat the attacks!.
# When they seem like they are down to one hit, try to lure them away from the [[Infirmary]] so you have more time to loot.
# DealKO yourthe punchtarget and loot your rewards!them.
Takes time and may not work well against stronger targets, especially if your stats are low.
Congratulations! You earned yourself the title of most annoying inmate!
=== Strategy 9: You are the enemy ===
*Easy to pull off
*One inmate
*Recomended to get a high ranged weapon
*Probably just works on PC
*If you do it, you will be disabled to atack from other sides
*DONT do it with guards
*It is not recommended to do it if you are new in the game
#If you are doing this for first time, it iss recommended to wait untill an inmate fight ends, if not, just atack someone
#Press the lock button (It is the middle mouse button for default) while you are pointig on yourselve, this will make your charged atacks happen instantly each time you do them without sprinting, you probably need to do it a couple of times before it works
#Atack the inmate, make sure he doesent gets up, down or behind you or you wouldn't be able to hit him
Congratulations! You are (probably dead) making things harder than they already were<br />


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