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Stalag Flucht
Stalag Flucht.png
Stalag Luft IV
Inmates 10
Guards 5
Sent me another one have they... Listen kid, I don't have to remind you that Stalag Flucht is famous for housing inmates with a record of escapism, so if you're planning on getting out of this one, think again! Now get yourself settled in, it's gonna be cold, long winter.
~ Warden Patrick Garratt on Prison arrival


Stalag Flucht is the second map present, succeding Center Perks and precceding Shankton State Pen in the main game. It is labeled as "easy", featuring an outdoor prison built on a snowy plain. Stalag Flucht is based off of Stalag Luft III, a WW2 camp. It holds 10 prisoners (yourself included) and has 5 officers. Each cell holds 2 inmates each. The prison is enclosed by 2 sets of fences, the innermost being a normal fence, and the outermost an Electric Fence. It also has a metal detector at the entrance of the place to get a job. The prison also has its own unique free time music.


08:00 - 09:00 Morning Rollcall
09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 - 13:00 Leisure/Work Period
13:00 - 14:00 Exercise Period
14:00 - 17:00 Free Period
17:00 - 18:00 Evening Meal
18:00 - 21:00 Leisure/Work Period
21:00 - 22:00 Shower Block
22:00 - 23:00 Evening Rollcall
23:00 - 08:00 Lights Out


  • Gardening (Default)
  • Tailorshop
  • Library
  • Woodshop
  • Deliveries

Exclusive Items[]

There are three exclusive Items in this prison



Items Needed:

  • Flimsy cutters+ (You can upgrade Flimsy Cutters up to Sturdy Cutters with more Duct Tape and a File) or Cutting Floss
  • Putty
  • Molten plastic
  • Plastic Red Key
  • Bed Dummy
  • Optional: Guard Outfit (Disguise after Evening Roll Call)


  1. Raise your intelligence, strength, and speed to 80+ at the library and the gym
  2. Find the guard with the red key and knock him out. Take the red key and mix it with the putty to make a mold. Then, take the mold and mix it with the molten plastic. (Remember to give the real key back to the guard or else you will be sent to solitary and all contraband will be taken away.)
  3. Before Evening Roll Call, place the bed dummy in your bed.
  4. Bring with you to Evening Roll Call: Cutters, Guard Outfit and your Plastic Red Key. Make sure you don't get a cell shakedown.
  5. DO NOT enter your room after Evening Roll Call or else you will be locked in. Instead, go to a location without guards and put on your Guard Outfit then go to the generator room and hit the generator until the light turns red (keep in mind that your red key only has so many uses). That disables the electric fence. Walk up to the fence and cut it.
  6. You're FREE!


Items Needed:

  • Cutting materials (NOT plastic utensils due to their poor durability)
  • OPTIONAL: Plastic Key and a Guard Outfit. (If you do want the key take the red key so that you can disable the generator)


  1. Acquire: Flimsy Cutters+ and a Bed Dummy (Plastic Red Key optional).
  2. BEFORE Evening Roll Call put a Bed Dummy in your bed, if you wait until after you will be locked in your cell.
  3. Get to the generator and turn it off (hit it until the light turns red)
  4. Get to the fence, cut through, and you're free!



  1. Name the 4th guard something you will remember.
  2. Recruit 2+ inmates (a penarium barrel raises opinion fastest)
  3. Acquire: Duct Tape, a File, and a Plastic Knife.
  4. Take out the 4th guard, take him to Solitary and tie him up.
  5. Turn off the generator by hitting it multiple times until the light turns red.
  6. Cut the fence with your file and knife until it is broken.
  7. You're FREE!


  1. Name the 4th guard something that you will remember. That guard possesses the staff key.
  2. Create a bed dummy (Bed Sheet + Pillow + Pillow)
  3. Get your intelligence to 80+
  4. Create Putty (Talcum Powder + Toothpaste) and Molten Plastic (Comb or Toothbrush or plastic fork, spoon, knife + Lighter)
  5. Create either Flimsy Cutters (File + File + Duct Tape) or Cutting Floss (Floss + Floss + Floss)
  6. Acquire 3+ weapons and give them to inmates who already have a high opinion of you. Recruit the inmates and find the 4th guard. Steal his guard outfit as well.
  7. Beat up the 4th guard and craft a Plastic Red Key.
  8. Before Evening Roll Call put your bed dummy in your bed, and get your: Cutters, Guard Outfit, and Plastic Key.
  9. Go down to the south door after roll call and use your red key to get to the generator (Keep in mind your key only has so many uses.
  10. Disable the generator by pressing the interactions key near it (you will know it is off when the light is red).
  11. Cut through where the electric fence would be and escape.
  12. YOU'RE FREE!

How To Escape Without The Staff Key[]

1. Get some cutting tools, food, a guard outfit, a bed dummy, a fake fence, a poster and chipping tools.

2. Put some food between the boxes near the jobs building.

3. Put the bed dummy on your bed during the evening rollcall.

4. Go to the boxes where you put the food and cut the fence.

5. Go to the generator building and close the hole in the fence with the fake fence.

6. Break the wall with the chipping tools and cover the hole up with the poster.

7. Turn off the generator and run to the fence near the infirmary (guards never walk there).

8. Cut the fence and escape!

How To Escape via Prison Takeover[]

1. Get Strength to 60+, Speed up to 80+, and Intellect up to 80+, as you will need to make a Plastic Red Key. With the addition of speed mats on this map it should be pretty easy to do.

2. Get appropriate materials for creating a plastic key.

3. Find out which guard has the Red Key.

4. Create the Plastic Red Key (Remember to put the real Red Key back or you will be thrown into Solitary)

5. Get a weapon (Any weapon will do, I did this with a Sock Mace, also recomended Baton.)

6. Keep beating up guards around the prison(Tie them up using Rope or Roll of Duct Tape if you please(Or Sheet Rope On Console), the camp should go into lockdown after beating up the second guard. Continue beating up guards until you get the message that the front gates have been opened.

7. Make your way to the front gate at the South-West end of the Prison towards the left of the nurse’s office(This is where you will use your Plastic Red Key).

8. Go out the Front Gate and you are home free!

Note: You will be shot at and die in 2 shots if your health is not above 40 or if you do not have a Plated Inmate Outfit or Plated POW Outfit(Alternatively, carry a guard outside and the snipers wont shoot you!)


  • In Stalag Flucht, Jungle Compound and San Pancho prisons, all have the same schedule
  • Stalag Flucht and HMP-Irongate are the only two default prisons that don't have a prison-exclusive consumable.


There is a bug where you might be able to grab hoes though the wall nearest to the door to the gardening job even if you don't have the gardening job.