The playable character in the game currently has 3 statistics, each of which has a maximum level of 100.

The valuyer by pressing the P key. Moving the mouse cursor over the bars will show you their numeric value. The player's stats will gradually decrease over time, requiring the player to continue training in order to maintain them. When sent to solitary, all skills drop by a hefty amount. A players stats cannot drop below 10. And, a players stats are all set to 30 when they first enter a prison.


The weight-lifting bench used to increase the strength statistic, which is useful for fights and increasing maximum health of your player.

STR (Strength)Edit

Determines the character's maximum health and attack damage. Every two levels increases maximum health by one, meaning at level 100 the maximum health of the character is 50. Every ten levels increases maximize attack damage by 1. To increase their strength the characters will have to either use the bench-press or do push-ups on the yoga mat in the prison's exercise area.

SPD (Speed)Edit

Determines how often a character attacks when fighting. A higher Speed decreases the time betwhhheen attacks, increasing the character's damage per second. Contrary to popular belief, SPD does not affect movement speed. To increase their speed the player will have to run on either the treadmill, or the yoga mat in the prison's exercise area.

INT (Intellect)Edit

Intelligence is very useful because it is needed for jobs and crafting better items the higher it is the more items you can craft from lightweight shovel (INT 60+) to sturdy shovel (INT 80+). You can increase this stat by reading using an bookshelf or using an computer

OPN (Opinion)Edit

The player itself does not have this stat on their profile screen. Rather, every other character in the game has a value for this, which denotes their opinion of the player. Characters that have a low opinion of the player are more likely to attack without being provoked. When opinion of an inmate reaches 80 or higher, you can recruit them. A recruited inmate will attack any inmate or guard that either you target, or that attacks the player.

Increasing OPNEdit

A character's opinion of the player can be improved several ways:

  • giving them certain items or money increaseip: Opinions will automatically increase by 2.5% per day if they are below 50 in most prisons, or 30 in San Pancho and HMP Irongate.s opinion depending on what item/quantity of money given
  • chatting with guards/inmates boosts their opinion by one every two quotes they say.
  • completing favors gives a large boost to OPN
  • OPN increases by up to 2.5 per day if it is under 50 (30 in San Pancho).

Decreasing OPNEdit

A character's opinion of the player can deteriorate in several ways:

  • (1. Kicking an inmate out of their seat or exercise equipment.
  • Declining a favor decreases OPN.
  • Canceling favors decreases OPN by a large amount.
  • Attacking (2. Nan inmate or guard decreases OPN.
  • Tying/taping up an inmate or guarNot doing anything to increase opOnions (By default it will decrease by 2.5 per day if the person's opinion of you is over 50 in most prisons, besides HMP Irongate and San Pancho which are 30 instead Tips: tnstead of declinuing favirInstead of decIhe recruited inmates OPN.
  • OPN decreases by up to 2.5 per day if it is over 50 (30 in San Pancho).

Items that increase OPNEdit

Opinion Gained Items
+3 OPN Pack of Mints, Guard Outfit, Lighter, Bottle of Medicine, Timber, Roll of Duct Tape, Bottle of Sleeping Pills, Hoe, Hedge Trimmers, Length of Rope, Pack of Playing Cards, Book, Tub of Talcum Powder, Candle, Foil, Die, Flimsy Pickaxe, Flimsy Cutters, Bed Dummy, Cushioned Inmate Outfit, Padded Inmate Outfit, Cushioned POW Outfit, Padded POW Outfit, Coconut, Mango, Nails, Stinger Strip
+6 OPN Cell Key, Staff Key, Entrance Key, Utility Key, Watch, Magazine, Radio Receiver, Screwdriver, Baton, Hammer, Trowel, Work Key, Bar of Chocolate, Flashlight, File, Razor Blade, Toothbrush Shiv, Poster, DIY Tattoo Kit, Cup of Molten Chocolate, Game Set, Comb Shiv, Lightweight Pickaxe, Lightweight Cutters, Crafting Note, Comb Blade, Plated Inmate Outfit, Medikit, Plated POW Outfit, Burrito, Tribal Drum, Wooden Bat, Spiked Bat, Cutting Floss, Powered Screwdriver
+9 OPN Sturdy Shovel, Glass Shank, Crowbar, Sturdy Pickaxe, Sturdy Cutters, Cooked Food, Sock Mace, Super Sock Mace, Nunchucks, Whip, Knuckle Duster, Lightweight Shovel, Flimsy Shovel, Contraband Pouch, ID Papers, Multitool, Durable Contraband Pouch

NOTES: For some reason, when you give an inmate an Infirmary Overalls, their OPN Stat on you will increase by 30.