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The playable character in the game currently has 3 stats each of which has a maximum level of 100.

The values of these stats can be viewed for the player by pressing the P or 7 (or start on Xbox 360, left directional pad on PS4 and Xbox One) key. Moving the mouse cursor over the bars will show you their numeric value. Players stats are all automatically set to 30 when they first enter a prison. In The Escapists, the player's stats will gradually decrease over time, requiring the player to continue training in order to maintain them. When sent to solitary, all skills drop by about 10 (TE only). A player's stats cannot drop below 10.

You can check strength, speed, and intellect in the Profile. Money, Health, Heat, and Fatigue can be seen in the top left of the screen in The Escapists, while in TE2, Health, Heat and Fatigue are visible at the bottom left of the screen (Money is only visible in the Profile in TE2).

Health TE2.png Health[]

Health is the one of the most important stats. If it drops to 0 you will get knocked out and sent to the Infirmary, losing your contraband and some money. The maximum health you can have is 50, which is achieved at 100 strength. Life will slowly drop every time you are sent to the infirmary. In TE2, Health is unaffected by strength and has a maximum of 100. Health regenerates very slowly, but this process can be accelerated by sleeping, showering or eating during mealtime. You can also use certain consumables to restore Health instantly. In TE2, resting in a bed will raise your health by about two points per second.

Stamina TE2.png Fatigue/Stamina[]

In The Escapists, the tiredness of the player is classified by Fatigue, and in TE2, the player's energy is classified by Stamina. In The Escapists, doing certain tasks (chipping/digging/cutting, exercising, studying and attacking) increases Fatigue, while in TE2, doing such actions lowers Stamina. Blocking in TE2 also lowers Stamina, each time a hit is blocked. When Fatigue is full in The Escapists or Stamina is nearly empty in TE2, the player becomes unable to perform tiring actions until their Fatigue is low enough/Stamina is high enough. Sleeping in a bed, sitting, showering or consuming food or drinks will lower your Fatigue / increase your Stamina. In TE2, showering, sleeping, or eating at meal time will raise your Stamina by about six points per second, while sitting down will raise your Stamina by about two points per second.

Consuming certain items can reduce Fatigue/raise Stamina.

This table is accurate for The Escapists 1 only!

Items -%Fatigue
Bar of Chocolate.png Bar of Chocolate 10
Cooked Food.png Cooked Food
Pack of Mints.png Pack of Mints 5
Bananas.png Bananas 10

(Found in Jungle

Compound Only)

Coconut.png Coconut
Mango.png Mango
Burrito.png Burrito 10

(Found in San

Pancho Only)

Heat TE2.png Heat[]

Heat is a measure of the guards' anger, and is increased by breaking the rules.

This includes the following:

  • Searching desks or knocked-out characters (instant 100% if you take something, prevented by guard outfit)
  • Attacking inmates in sight of a guard or camera (about 10% each time you are seen doing it, any guard that saw you will also attack you, also prevented by guard outfit)
  • Being seen by a guard while carrying a desk or knocked-out character (10% each time you are seen)
  • Being spotted by a guard while in other inmates' cells (15% at first, can rise higher if you remain in there)
  • Being late to a routine/missing the routine (the more late you are, the more heat you get)
  • Passing through a Scanner while carrying contraband (Desktop TE: 99%, Console/Mobile TE: 30%, TE2: instant 100%)
  • Attacking a guard (instant 100%, [TE2 only] instantly up ~35-40%, [TE] unless instant KO).
  • [TE2] Being in a restricted area (restricted areas are not marked, but if a guard sees you, your heat increases 15%. It does happen in The Escapists, but only in DLC maps such as the tree room in Santa’s Sweatshop.
  • [TE2] Being near a Guard Dog while carrying contraband (instant 100%)
  • Being seen by guards while wearing Guard Outfit, Infirmary Overalls, Riot Guard Outfit or Civilian Outfit
  • Being naked - having no outfit equipped (10% each time you are seen, if you go outside many times, the heat raises repeatedly)
  • [TE2] Climbing onto roofs; this causes a 10% increase each time you ascend onto one

When your heat gets to about 90% (80 in TE2) guards will attack you on sight and if you are outside, you will be shot. If you are outside/seen by a guard while your heat is above this threshold, it will rise immediately back to 100. The amount of heat you get from guards depends on the guard's opinion about you (TE only). The higher a guard's opinion is, the less heat you get from them, the lower the opinion, the more heat you get from guards. During a Lockdown, your heat blasts up to 99% [TE only]. At 90% heat or higher, you cannot get a job.

Fitness TE2.png Speed / Fitness[]


Determines how often a character attacks when fighting. A higher Speed (known as Fitness in TE2) decreases the time between attacks, increasing the character's damage per second. To increase the character's speed, the player will have to either run on the treadmill, skip, use the yoga mat, or hit the speedbag. Note that speed doesn't affect the walking speed of the character. If the game is hacked in such a way where your character has much higher speed than is normally possible, (ie, 200) then it is possible to hit an opponent twice at the same time. If you have a good weapon, and/or similarly hacked strength, then this will usually one-shot any inmate or guard you whack.

Strength TE2.png Strength[]


Strength greatly increases your damage in fights and increases your overall health (TE only, see Health above for more info). It can be increased by working out on the weight lifting machines, workout mats or the punching bag in the prison workout area. It's a good idea to build up your strength so you can hit harder and live longer in fights. Like other stats, it will decrease over time and in Solitary, so it is important to continue working out constantly (~25 reps every day should be good) to keep in top condition. To fight better you should have high speed as well. Strength training will increase your Fatigue level quickly, forcing you to wait, shower, eat a meal at mealtime, use something that decreases fatigue, or sleep at lights out.

Intelligence TE2.png Intellect[]

Intelligence is raised by using the computers or reading books. This stat is needed to be at certain levels for certain jobs and crafting certain items. This increases fatigue, or in The Escapists Console/Mobile and The Escapists 2, decreases stamina.

Money TE2.png Money[]

Money is the games' currency. It is obtained by favors or by working. It can be used to buy items from inmates and raise a guard or inmate's opinion.

Opinion TE2.png Opinion[]

Main article: Opinion

The player itself does not have this stat on their profile screen. Rather, every other character in the game has a value for this, which denotes their opinion of the player. Characters that have a low opinion of the player are more likely to attack without being provoked, and will also snitch on the player if they catch them escaping. Guards with a low opinion will tear down posters and bedsheet curtains placed by the player. When opinion of an inmate reaches 80 or higher, you can recruit them by pressing "Q" while near them; however you can not recruit characters in mobile version. A recruited inmate will attack any inmate or guard that either the player targets or that attacks the player, and will follow the player around (unless the player runs too fast or goes somewhere the inmate cannot, in which case, they will leave).