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Can be placed down and stood on
ItemID: 68
Will be confiscated

The Stepladder is an item in The Escapists.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Stepladder can only be purchased from inmates. It cannot be crafted.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Stepladder is a useful tool for entering or reentering vents from below. Placing the Stepladder on a tile will allow you to stand on it, like a Desk. This lets you see the ventilation system, unscrew/cut vent covers and enter vents.

Be aware that once used to get into a vent, the stepladder will remain where placed and will need to be retrieved.

In the console version the Stepladder cannot be placed down so you have to drop it by pressing B on your controller. Once it is dropped you can stand on it.

The stepladder has the same effect as a desk, so there is no need to buy it unless you need to access vents away from your cell.

See also: Makeshift Ladder, a similar item in The Escapists 2