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Sticky Tape
Duct Tapes Are Forever DLC Item
Santa's Sweatshop DLC Item
Sticky Tape.png
ItemID: Unspecified
Won't be confiscated


It is obtained from one of the marked crates scattered around either maps. The crate is located in the Wood Shop Job in Duct Tapes Are Forever. It is used to craft the Weak Fingerprint or Presents.



Result As a Component INT
Weak Fingerprint.png Weak Fingerprint Dirty Glass.png Dirty Glass x1 + Tub of Talcum Powder.png Tub of Talcum Powder x1 + Sticky Tape.png Sticky Tape x1 Unknown
Presents.png Presents Any 'Toy Maker' Item x1 + Wrapping Paper.png Wrapping Paper x1 + Sticky Tape.png Sticky Tape x1 Unknown