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The Stungun is a weapon in The Escapists 2. It can be found in H.M.P Offshore.[1] It is also purchasable from Inmates in U.S.S. Anomaly. It is identical in function to the Makeshift Stungun, instantly knocking out any inmate or Guard, except for Riot Guards who take 2 hits. It also breaks after 5 hits.


The Stungun cannot be crafted. The only way to obtain it (in HMP Offshore) is to use a Grappling Hook to climb up on the lower roof of the exercise area (attached to the cell building). On this roof is a Baseball Bat, which can be taken. At the north side of the roof, you'll see a gantry that looks like a big yellow fence. Crossing this gantry, you will reach the roof of the multiplayer-only building, where the Stungun is located. Alternatively, you could use the Grappling Hook to directly climb onto the multiplayer-only roof. (Note that only one tile of each wall can be hooked and climbed up on - if it shows that you cannot grapple to a certain tile, try the next one over.)

It is a rare item sold by vendors in USS Anomaly, as well as possibly having an extremely low chance of being found in desks.

See also[]

There are several weapons similar in function to this item. They are listed below:

Cup of Molten Choc.png Cup of Molten Chocolate, a crafted weapon, lasts only one hit

Cattle Prod.png Cattle Prod, a crafted weapon, exclusive to Rattlesnake Springs, which is identical in function to the Makeshift Stungun

Makeshift Stungun.png Makeshift Stungun, crafted weapon, identical in function to the Stungun.

  1. Verify if it is found in other prisons.