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there are more crafting recipes for molten plastic. plastic spoon + lighter, plastic knife + lighter, plastic fork + lighter 21:29, 2 May 2019 (UTC)matthew wieber

Split this page in multiple ones[]

  I think that the crafting page should be spitted in three: One for TE1, one for TEWD and the last one for TE2.
  • First, there are multiple recipes that are changed between TE1 and TE2, as well as Desktop, Console and Mobile versions of TE1. I think that the reader should not be expected to look after every detail for most crafts.
    • Following the spirit of being easy to read, I think that Desktop, Console, and Mobile-exclusive items, crafts, effects, should own their own icons, just like Gamepedia's Terraria Wiki does.
  • Second, I understand that one the one hand the way this page is currently designed prevents repeating information about crafts in every game of the franchise (i.e. two files and a roll of duct tape always creates flimsy cutters in TE1 and TE2). One the other hand, this design could let readers think that some of these items are available in TE1, or that some items are not in TE2 due to them having TE1's sprites.
  • If those ideas are accepted by the staff of this wiki, I would be more than happy to desing the TE1 and TE2 crafting pages. However, I would need someone else to do the TEWD crafting page, as I'm not experienced with this game. -- User:Julien Nouvot talk 15:02, 13th of March 2021 (UTC)