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Do real keys break? I need to know this to find out if its worth it to still get sent to solitary. 21:21, 23 November 2017 (UTC)

Keeping Real Keys (Working 2021, The Escapists 2)[]

Ok, I found out how to keep real keys, I don't know if it can be performed on every map as I only did on Center Perks 2.0., here's how you do it:

You want to make sturdy shovels, sturdy pickaxes, or multitools, dig a hole in a room with a desk. In the hole, dig 1 block out, lure a cop, beat him up inside, and take his key, after that, quickly cover the hole with soil and cover that with a desk so the medic is trapped inside when they get in. Repeat the process, or make another hole but with a long path, and lure more cops or even the inmates and beat them up in there to steal their keys (If it's a cop ofc), because surprisingly, no medic will come there.

Notes: When I was playing with a friend, he dug out the medic trapping and the long hole and trapped cops and inmates in the long one, but when lockdown started after he missed roll call, the other medics finally came in the hole and took everyone out and the hole was covered, so we just dug out the hole again. But we had to repeat the process of trapping everyone. Also, whenever I rejoin my offline game where I trapped cops by repeating the small holes process in each cell, the medic suddenly breaks out and a lockdown starts. The dogs would take the missing key, but least I never got knocked out even if I'm stuck with contraband items in my inventory, and a glitch also occurred there where the medic would just dig the hole to get the cop out but then fix the hole and stand there nonstop. I rejoined to see what would happen and not only she stopped doing that, she even got the cop out of the hole even with that desk in the way.