"Merging the smash hit indie game The Escapists with the world wide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead, Team17 have taken the very best of both worlds and are now providing players with the opportunity to play Rick Grimes as he takes on hordes of zombies let loose upon the world."

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The Escapists: The Walking Dead is the second game in the series of The Escapists, developed by Team 17 that is available on Microsoft Windows (via Steam and GOG), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It combines The Walking Dead comics with The Escapists. The Escapists: The Walking Dead will give the opportunity to players to control the famous Rick Grimes, one of the main characters of the series, through various comic-inspired scenarios. Starting with Rick waking up in hospital to a world infested by zombies, he’ll need to survive the hordes and find the comic’s other characters to band together with.




The following recipes are unique to The Escapists: The Walking Dead. This is a Work In progress!

Item Requirements Intelligence Required Extra Info
The Heavy Club Golf Club + Trophy + Duct Tape.png Duct Tape Unknown
Heavy Hoe.png Heavy Hoe Hoe.png Hoe + Metal.png Metal + Balertwine.png Balertwine Unknown
Walker Camouflage Plastic Sheet.png Plastic Sheet + Walker Entrails.png Walker Entrails Unknown
Makeshift Cosh.png Makeshift Cosh Pillow Case.png Pillow Case + Bar of Soap.png Bar of Soap Unknown
Chopper.png Chopper Balertwine.png Balertwine + Timber.png Timber + Sickle.png Sickle 70
Operating Kit.png Operating Kit Purifier.png Purifier + Bandages.png Bandages + Forceps.png Forceps Unknown
Makeshift Ladder.png Makeshift Ladder Tin of Paint.png Tin of Paint x3 50
Fake Fence Cover.png Fake Fence Cover Wire.png Wire x2 + Timber.png Timber Unknown
Makeshift Barricade Timber.png Timber x2 + Nails.png Nails Unknown
Heavy Armor Duct Tape.png Duct Tape + Metal.png Metal 60
Medium Armor Duct Tape.png Duct Tape + Timber.png Timber 60
Light Armor.png Light Armor Duct Tape.png Duct Tape + Pillow.png Pillow 60
Sharp Screwdriver File.png File + Screwdriver.png Screwdriver Unknown
Mace Duct Tape.png Duct Tape + Toaster + Hoe.png Hoe Unknown
Spiked Bat.png Spiked Bat Baseball Bat.png Baseball Bat + Nails.png Nails 60
Multitool.png Multitool Duct Tape.png Duct Tape + Crowbar.png Crowbar + Axe.png Axe Unknown
Flimsy Cutters.png Flimsy Cutters Duct Tape.png Duct Tape + File.png File + File.png File Unknown
Flimsy Shovel.png Flimsy Shovel Makeshift Handle + Duct Tape.png Duct Tape + Metal Sheet Unknown
Makeshift Handle File.png File + Timber.png Timber Unknown
Timber Brace.png Timber Brace Timber.png Timber + Timber.png Timber Unknown
Pistol- Modified Pistol.png Pistol + Spring.png spring + Electric Screwdriver.png Electric Screwdriver Unknown


Pistol.png Pistol + Spring.png Spring + File.png File
Shotgun- Modified.png Shotgun- Modified Shotgun.png Shotgun + Hacksaw.png Hacksaw + File.png File Unknown


Shotgun.png Shotgun + Spring.png Spring + Pliers
Machine Gun: Modified Machine Gun + Pliers + Blow Torch Unknown


Machine Gun + Pliers + Chisel.png Chisel
Rifle: Modified Rifle + Electric Screwdriver.png Electric Screwdriver + Chisel.png Chisel Unknown


Rifle + Electric Screwdriver.png Electric Screwdriver + Scope.png Scope
Extended Sniper Rifle.png Extended Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle.png Sniper Rifle + Electric Screwdriver.png Electric Screwdriver + Chisel.png Chisel Unknown
Explosive Sniper Rifle.png Explosive Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle.png Sniper Rifle + Electric Screwdriver.png Electric Screwdriver + Scope.png Scope Unknown


Age Rating

ESRB: Rated T for Blood and Violence.

PEGI: Rated 7+ for frequent scenes of very mild violence.



Trivia: The Escapists Walking Dead has the format of The Escapists Mobile, and Updated PC version. This Level is the tutorial. Note that this is a survival version of the Escapists, and all items do not have a legal/illegal color/title. HINT: To get the comics, look for the rucksacks, they usually have them. One is in the vent where you head to the canteen, and the other is outside where you have to shoot all the walkers and it is on the last patrol of walkers before you complete the level.

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