The Escapists 2 is the second game in The Escapists series, with extended combat, better graphics, lots of different prisons, and more! It has many more prisons, which are listed below.

Prisons Edit

Included in the game Edit

  • Precinct 17 (tutorial)
  • Center Perks 2.0 (easiest)
  • Cougar Creek Railroad (travel prison)
  • K.A.P.O.W Camp (medium)
  • Rattlesnake Springs
  • Air Force Con (travel prison)
  • H.M.P Offshore
  • U.S.S Anomaly
  • Area 17
  • Fort Tundra

DLC Edit

  • The Glorious Regime
  • Wicked Ward
  • Santa's Shakedown
  • Dungeons and Duct Tape