The Escapists Wiki


Editors whose contributions are disruptive to the site or who fail to behave appropriately towards other contributors may be blocked. The following are guidelines for general cases. Blocks and their duration are at the discretion of the Escapists Wiki's administrators. A non-exhaustive list of reasons and suggested durations follow below. Bans from Discord follow an independent policy and current moderation log is maintained here.

Vandalism or spam Violating site policies Abusing multiple accounts Editing on behalf of banned users Accounts with unacceptable username Engaging in user conflicts
Three days, first offense One week, second offense One month, third offense Permanent block

User rights requests[]

A rights user is a contributor who has been either appointed or elected by the community to serve the wiki in such a capacity, granted access to features utilized in article and community maintenance. The requirements for applying for staff positions as well as the process for doing so are outlined within this policy. A record of all successful rights holder request forums can be found here.

Rights holder activity policy[]

Similar to the requirements for qualifying for additional tools on the Escapist wiki, staff members must maintain those activities after tools are granted. Users who are inactive do not necessitate tools to serve the wiki or its chat functionality by the very nature of inactivity, and the process for updating user rights on the Escapists Wiki and its Discord are dictated by the following. Does not cover rights removed due to resignation or as a result of conduct policy proceedings.

Conduct policy[]

If an administrator is involved in an editing dispute, they should not use admin abilities or status to solve it. If an admin reverts an action, they must explain the reason for the revert. In addition, No single administrator may unilaterally overturn any moderative action or decision by another administrator. The community can call for a vote of no confidence regarding any staff member at any time, the process outlined within.

Votes of no confidence[]

Votes of no confidence, also referred to as a reconfirmation or nocon, may be called in a forum by the community at any time, following all normal policy vote procedures. A minimum of three petitioners must bring forth the vote of no confidence. Like any user-rights request, bureaucrats will adjudicate the results of votes of no confidence.

In the event a user-rights removal request is found warranted by the rights abuse process, a forum shall be called. User-rights removal requests are binding and must follow all normal policy vote guidelines.

All user-rights removal requests must present evidence of abuse of rights. Votes of no confidence must provide the rationale behind the lack of confidence. The accused will be afforded the opportunity to rebut in a timely fashion before the voting period commences. A period of three days minimum is recommended for the accused to rebut charges, and an extension may be granted by a bureaucrat if warranted. The accused may waive this right at any time.