The Escapists Wiki

The Escapists Wiki Discord is open to all users, with or without a Fandom account. information and rules pertaining to it are as followed. Also included below is a list of the community's social media accounts and contact information.


Users without a wiki account are welcome in Discord chat, but editing-related access is limited to those with verified accounts. Verification is completed via wiki-bot, and instructions are provided upon entering the server on how to utilize the bot. Below are all official and affiliate servers.

Escapists Wiki
Official Discord
Server dedicated towards the editorial and administrative aspects of the wiki's community, as well as general discussion.


On the Escapist Discord server, all users must abide by the following rules:


1. Discussions must be kept within their dedicated channels. If a topic goes off-topic, suggest or follow suggestions to move the conversation to appropriate channels.
2. If an interaction becomes too acrimonious, ping or message any staff member. If a staff member indicates a conversation should end, respect their decision.
3. Rules listed here are in addition to those listed in Discord Terms of Service but do not fall under listed services of Fandom Terms of Use. However, blocks that are put in place on the Escapists Wiki will mirror to Discord bans. The decision to mirror a Discord ban on the Escapists Wiki as a block is at administrator discretion.
4. Using alt accounts to bypass Discord bans or Escapists Wiki blocks is considered ban evasion and is not allowed.
5. Be civil and courteous to other users on the server. Do not engage in personal attacks, hate speech, harassment, threats, or sexually degrading language. Do not spam, excessively use capital letters, or ping others repetitively. NSFW content is not allowed and will be removed.
6. Do not reveal personally identifiable information about users or violate confidentiality on issues asked to be kept confidential by other users or administrators. This includes linking to external sources such as social media accounts.
7. Users are allowed to delete or edit their own posts, but disruptive or misrepresentative alteration or removal of information is not allowed.
8. Participation in this server assumes understanding and acceptance of rules.

Voice chat and bots[]

9. Voice channels can be used freely by everyone and follow the same rules as chat, including prohibition of topics outlined above. Take turns speaking and avoid talking over others. If you wish to participate in the voice channel, related text conversation should take place in the #pa-system channel.
10. Bots are present in the server for moderation purposes. Bots and related images should only be used sparingly outside the #robot-repair-center and #the-cafeteria, with the exception of the wiki-bot, which can be used in related channels. Any user wishing for or to bring a bot into the server must gain approval from an administrator.

Sentencing Discussion[]

11. All potentially contentious subject matter is allowed only in the #sentecing-discussion channel, which requires a staff sponsorship. Reach out to a staff member for this role. Topics restricted to this channel include, but are not limited to, those of religion, politics, and divisive history.


12. Server nicknames do not have to match Escapists Wiki usernames, with the exception of administrators and bureaucrats. These staff members may alternatively identify their wiki username in their about me, as long as it is visible to users. Nicknames cannot consist of content that would otherwise violate server rules, nor can they mirror that of a staff member. Staff impersonation in any form is not allowed.

Wiki verification[]

13. Users are not required to have a Escapists Wiki account. Having an account and verifying it via the wiki bot will grant access to additional wiki-related channels and options in chat. Enter the prompt "!wiki verify (your wiki username here)" in #the-vault-door to verify. If the bot cannot connect the account, follow the Fandom link prompt and try again. Ping a staff member if any issues arise.


The chat is moderated by staff listed here. Moderators have been charged with the responsibility of issuing warnings, kicks, and bans if the aforementioned rules are broken. The duration follows wiki-side block norms, and all wiki-side bans will be mirrored on the Discord. Bans and their duration are at the discretion of staff. The use of moderation tools for "joke" purposes is not permitted.


  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: Kick
  • Third offense: Three day ban
  • Fourth: One week ban
  • Fifth: One month ban
  • Subsequent: Permanent ban


Chat moderators and administrators are responsible for updating the moderation log and moving actions from active to expired, as well as summarily removing moderation actions placed individuals on Discord as appropriate. A message must be left on the user's talk page by the moderator enacting the action, clearly explaining the reason and duration. Wiki-side blocks are mirrored to Discord bans. Those without a Escapists Wiki account should still be noted.