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The Tin of Paint is one of the items that appears in The Escapists 2, as well as The Escapists The Walking Dead.


The Tin of Paint can be used to craft the Makeshift Ladder (in both TE2 and TWD), and the Makeshift Sledgehammer in TE2.


Can be found in desks and the Painting job room.



Result Components Intelligence
Makeshift Ladder te2.png Makeshift Ladder Tin of Paint te2.png Tin of Paint x3 30+
Makeshift Sledgehammer.png Makeshift Sledgehammer Broom Handle te2.png Broom Handle + Tin of Paint te2.png Tin of Paint + Roll of Duct Tape Escapists 2.png Roll of Duct Tape 60+
Readied Paint Brush.png Readied Paint Brush Paint Brush.png Paint Brush + Tin of Paint te2.png Tin of Paint 30+ [verify]
Axe.pngThe following is based on The Escapists: The Walking Dead and seperate from the Series.


Result Components Intelligence
Makeshift Ladder.png Makeshift Ladder Tin of Paint.png Tin of Paint x 3 30