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Toilets are furniture that can be located in toilet blocks or in cells. They are helpful for storing items but there is a chance of the items disappearing. Also during cell shakedowns you can leave items in the toilet - guards don't search the toilets and so you can hide contraband items easily. NOTE: This won't work in The Escapists 2, as any items left in the toilet will be returned to your inventory upon closing the menu. Toilets can also be flooded. If a toilet is flooded, you cannot flush an item with that toilet. If guards find contraband in flooded toilets, you'll be sent to solitary. In order to unclog the toilet, you must use a plunger or wait for a guard to unclog the toilet. The fastest way to flood a toilet is to flush dirt or soil, a Roll of Toilet Paper will also work if you don't want to use contraband.