Wall Block
Wall Block.png
ItemID: 41
Will be confiscated
Wall Block
The Escapists 2 Item
Wall Block te2.png
Won't be confiscated

Wall Block
Walking Dead Item
Wall Block (TWD).png


A wall block can be placed down just like a poster; however, you will have to chip through the wall again to re-obtain the wall-block. You may right click the wall block in your inventory and it will drop like a normal item would. Be careful, as if a wall-block is found, even in another inmate's cell, the warden will send you to solitary and the opened wall will be filled. In The Escapists 2, you won't immediately be sent to solitary, but the guard who saw it will pick it up and go to the Control Room. Once they reach the control room, the Security Level will increase substantially. An exception is if you covered up the missing wall with a poster or fake wall block. In such cases guards will just pick up the wall as if it was just another article of contraband. You can also get rid of it by being sent to the infirmary.

Strangely, the Wall Block in The Escapists 2 is not contraband. This may be a bug, but it leads to the guards disregarding it on the floor.


A Wall block is only received when one chips through a wall via means of plastic forks, a crowbar, etc.

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