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Every one of the prisons in The Escapists has a warden, who is the person in charge of the prison and will be the one sending your introduction letter, as well as send you to Solitary when you have done something wrong.

There are currently multiple wardens in The Escapists, each of which has a key to the front entrance of the prison. The following is a list of the different wardens, per prison:

  • Geoff Lamp
  • Buck Norris
  • Stuart Foot
  • Craig Monkford Chinsworth
  • Paul Soares Jr
  • Dean Hall
  • Jim Sterling
  • Alberto Valero
  • Sparrow, Etc.
  • Santa Claus
  • Monkey Allen
  • Patrick Garrat
  • Jon Coffee
  • Robert Norton (Console versions only)

Wardens in The Escapists 2:

In U.S.S. Anomaly, the warden is the large computer with the red dot who speaks from small pink screens present all over the prison. The computer itself is found in a room to the west (left) of the prison, blocked off by locked Doors and numerous security measures.

The warden will occasionally visit the prison during free period, but cannot be harmed by any means. He wears sunglasses, a suit and tie, and black shiny shoes. He walks with his hands behind his back, and speaks very rarely. He does not react to what is around him. In The Escapists 2, wardens are far less solemn. They wear custom outfits, wander around the prison freely, and speak randomly to no one in particular.

The warden in The Escapists will sometimes show up as The Ringmaster and give circus related quotes.

In The Escapists, you can open the front gate (white key door) of the prison by beating up all the guards and when you have done so, the warden will send you a letter saying:

Okay (player), you've made your point!

The main prison gate is now unlocked as requested, but please don't hurt anyone else!

(Warden's Signature)

Warden (warden)


  • Warden Paul Soares Jr. is a reference to a YouTuber by the same name, mainly known for being one of the first Minecraft YouTubers, moving on to other indie games such as Stranded Deep and (of course) The Escapists.
  • Warden Sparrow is also a reference to a YouTuber who also uploads The Escapists.
  • Warden Jim Sterling is a reference to another YouTuber who uploads video game reviews.
  • Warden Buck Norris is a reference to Chuck Norris.
  • The warden in The Escapists can say over 50 quotes.
  • Colonel Custard is a pun on Colonel Custer, the name of a well-known colonel of the US Army during the 19th century.
  • Warden Sutcha Ripov is a pun on "Such a rip-off".
  • Major D. Appointment could be considered a pun on "major disappointment".
  • Warden Crude Spills is a reference to oil spills, and how H.M.P. Offshore (the prison he is warden of) is an old oil rig.
  • Warden Roy Holt is a reference to Captain Ray Holt from comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • The warden in USS Anomaly is a reference to HAL 9000, a sentient computer/AI and important character in the 1968 science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Warden Frank Stein is a reference to Frankenstein