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Zipline Hook
Zipline Hook.png
Well, it's better then ziplining with your hands, right?
ItemID: 189
Will be confiscated
Limited-Use Item


The Zipline Hook is a tool used on a zipline. They can be found in the 0.9 and above prisons. (HMP-Irongate, Paris Central Pen, Camp Epsilon, etc.)

The zipline can get you from the start to the end of the zipline cable. The Zipline hook will take the player from one end of the zipline to the other, and will not allow for return trips (You may find out which side you can use by hovering your mouse over the zipline).

The Zipline Hook is unavailable in Xbox One releases of the game. In the Xbox One version, you can use ziplines simply by interacting with the start, and no item is required to do so.


Can be crafted with the following recipe:

Result Components INT
Zipline Hook.png Zipline Hook x1 Wire.png Wire x1 Timber.png Timber x1 60